About the Company

Packaging Beyond The Ordinary

Your brand is your identity. Let us highlight your brand with our proven value-added packaging techniques that skyrocket your business sales and make your brand stand out from the competition.

In today’s world, branding a product with top-line innovation and eye-catching significant packaging is very challenging. Custom folding boxes are enormously used for the packaging of a wide range of products in almost every industry: food items, confectionery, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, household items, or any product for sale definitely need some form of packaging. In fact, they are the most common type of packaging you can find anywhere. Folding carton is the backbone of the packaging industry. Although it has increased competition for brands, it is sustainable and cost-effective. As the very first point of contact with a potential buyer, the quality packing of the product is the main thing to stop a customer at your brand, and yes, we are the ones playing that role for you!

With all the packaging box choices present in today’s market, it is difficult to select the most appropriate packaging solution for your product. Custom Boxes Club acknowledges the challenges of being the brand seller and provides the best packaging solutions in town. Our customized and alluring folding boxes certainly add value to your product. We are continuously innovating to create unique packaging for the years to come and offer a lot of packaging options to enhance your product, such as paperboard boxes, SBA paperboard, corrugated boxes, flute stock, eco-friendly options, plastic, rigid boxes, and others. The fresh fiber and multi-layer structure of our boards give higher strength and stiffness at lower weight, resulting in reliable packaging performance and high material efficiency.

With our state-of-the-art technology, CBC is providing custom-designed folding boxes with dedicated styles and printing options. Our production meets the highest international quality, hygiene, and environmental production standards. Our team of professionals guides you to select the most appropriate packaging for your product, and you can see your creativity with 3D technology. Our quality controllers assure perfection at every step, starting from manufacturing to the desired shape and printing, leading to safe shipment to your doorstep.

Our Features

Anti-Counterfeiting & Value Addition

Custom Boxes Club is focused on providing value-added out-of-the-box packaging solutions to everyone. There are hundreds of online printing companies available on the internet. The main difference between us is the one keyword: “Value Addition.” We not only design and produce customized boxes according to customer specifications, but we also add certain features and techniques in stocks, printing, and finishing that make our customer’s brand stand out from the rest. For example, we are using certain finishing post-printing techniques that are eye-catching as well as very difficult to reproduce. One such technique is Drip-Off Coatings, and another one is Effect Varnishes. These are different types of UV varnishes that give mesmerizing finishing to the printed pack.

In the near future, we have planned to launch some more such techniques that no one in the online business industry is offering. Our anti-counterfeiting techniques include printing with Nano inks, UV inks, using Hybrid coating and effect varnishes, and utilizing value-added stocks, among others.

Brand Protection

A brand, whether it is big or small, goodwill is the main ingredient in the success of every brand. Less counterfeiting generates more sales and a better image of the brand. Counterfeiters try to damage the reputation of well-known brands by producing low-quality products and packing them in similar-looking printed boxes. At CBC, it is one of our main goals to protect our customers’ precious brands from counterfeiters. After all, they have spent a hefty amount of energy and resources to build a brand. Keeping in view this fact, we are doing