Custom Apparel & Fashion Packaging Boxes

Need Custom Apparel And Fashion Boxes At wholesale Prices

 We are a reputable company in box packaging offering custom madeApparel and Fashion boxes at wholesale prices in USA with variety of designs,Layouts and post printing finishing features.we are beyond the ordinary.We engaged some proven value added packaging techniques that stands out your brand from the rest.Brand owners related to apparel and fashion are very sensitive about there brands image.They knew premium packaging is essential that will leave a good impression in the mind of customers.Therefore at customboxesclub we deployed special  rigid card board that will not deshaped hence preserve the  class and luxury of the attire packed within.No minimum order.Looking for perfect printed beltbox,lingerie boxes,textile boxes,tie boxes.No need to worry we always thereto serve you and craft the best box for you.

Build Your Brands Reputation With These Boxes

 Building a brand image is a very costly and long term process.It needs a lot of genuine efforts to put with all heart.To attain this goal in the shortest time the best method is to create ravishing packaging that will influence the mind of prospective customer like no other.Let say if we go to a brand store the first thing that appeals everyone is the packaging of the product.This is infact the first thing a customer come across with.Here comes our role.

Our packaging specialist with years of experience within the industry suggest you the best apparel and fashion boxes that will match your brandsImage.

Free Shipping With Zero Setup Cost

 We always try to ease our customers by offering absolutely free shipping &Designing within USA and Canada.This is not all we also offer big discountsCampaigns during special festivels and holidays.For bulk orders we offer up to 30% discount.Special finishing features like UV spot coating,Foil embossing,die cut windows are added on your custom boxes that will bring more glamour and class.your grace is our embrace!

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