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It is a post-printing finishing technique. As the name designates it is used to add some effects on the printing substrates to grab the audience’s attention. It is not only appealing but it also makes the printing process more complicated so the counterfeiters are not able to duplicate the product packaging. It is widely used in the cosmetic and mobile industries.

These effects are mostly created by using screen printing technology. Meshes of different thicknesses are used to get a variety of varnish layers on the stock. It can be done manually and with fully automatic flatbed screen printing lines. There are many types of such varnishes like embossed, texture, sand, bubble, wrinkle, snowflake, and glow in dark, fragrance burst, etc.

At CBC we are offering a full range of effect varnishes. You can choose them according to your design layout and industry demand. These finishing effects not only look flashy but also add luster, and class to the packaging. Our dedicated team of professionals helps 24/7 to select the best effect according to the requirement of the Product.

Effect Printed Varnishes

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