Custom Premium Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes are a common type of packaging boxes, usually deployed for premium or luxury products.Custom Boxes Club is one of the most relaible and professional rigid box making company in United States.At CBC we are fully equipped with fully automatic rigid boxes making lines.We can make boxes in different shapes and with different pasted materials like Art Paper,premium clothes and moracco. A Rigid Box can be produced by manual hand made process or by modern machines . Different semi-automatic and fully automatic lines are available to assemble them. A large market of rigid boxes still relies on manual or handmade boxes. Reason for the matter is their limited production, so not to have boxes in bulk and auto lines of rigid boxes are too expensive to buy. They are mostly used in Gift box packaging, Cell phone packaging, customized bakery and chocolate products, cosmetic and fashion industry, expensive branded designers clothes etc.

Rigid boxes are made up of chip board or grey board which is a thick cardboard sheet varies from 800gsm-2400gsm and a wrap that cover this chipboard. This wrapping sheet can be made up of different materials like glossy art paper stock, offset paper stock or fabrics with textured matt/glossy finish.

As a first step the chip board is scored and cut in to required shape and size. A semi automatic tape binding machine is used to tie up scored chip board sheet in to perfect shape. Then the wrap is trimmed and glued so that the box fitted on the wrap. This semi wrapped Box then put in a box maker which gives him a finished and fully wrapped box. The wrap Can be printed or unprinted as per demand. Rigid boxes are assembled in various shapes on the demand of customers. Some of them are Telescope style, Partial Telescope, Round lid Box, Book shape Box, Magnetic Closure Box, Calmshell Box, Three Sided Hinge Cover etc.

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