Experience the Elegance of Custom Premium Metallized Boxes

Metalized boxes are a type of luxury or decorative packaging. There are manyfold benefits of metalized stocks. Most importantly, they add value and luster to packaging, they protect the product from harsh environmental conditions as they are waterproof and airtight, and they are difficult to copy, hence an important tool against counterfeiting. There are many ways to achieve the metalized finish. Some of them are printable, while others are not. For example, gold and silver foils are non-printable. They are actually a post-printing effect. The customer simply transfers the foil using blocks called the hot stamping process. Many semi-automatic and fully automatic flatbed hot stamping machines are available to achieve the desired effect.

Some metalized stocks are UV printable. For this process, they undergo special treatment using the most modern equipment and technology. There are also some traditional ways to obtain metalized stocks. Among them, the most popular is cold lamination. In this method, the metalized BOP/PET film is laminated with glue to the cardstock. There are many colors and patterns available for these metalized films, such as gold, silver, holographic, etc. After lamination, the metalized cardstock is printed on multiple color presses with sheet-fed offset UV inks.

Another popular method to achieve metalized stock is through transfer metallization. Here, the film is transferred to the card using vacuum metallization. This method is eco-friendly as there is no plastic film on the substrate, making it 100% eco-friendly.

Why Choose Us?

At CBC, we offer all the aforementioned processes and cardstocks, as well as some new innovative processes to create metalized boxes. Our state-of-the-art machinery and team of dedicated experts help you attain your dream of perfect and decorative packaging.

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