Order Custom Brown Kraft Boxes in USA

Custom Boxes Club is manufacturing packaging boxes with high-grade kraft paper that is fully biodegradable. We are furnishing multiple brands with customized kraft boxes at retail prices. We can perform numerous alterations in sizes, shapes, and styles of the boxes that make them amazing to store desired products. Immaculate printing of required information regarding product name, quality, usage instructions, and validity for facilitating consumers is done excellently at CBC.

Why Kraft Boxes Are Preferred?

Kraft paper is utilized for various purposes due to its strength and environmentally friendly nature. Kraft paper is the most commonly used material in packaging industries all over the world. One of the major advantages is its cost-effectiveness and ease to mold in desired shapes. It is smooth in texture and light in weight. The natural color of the kraft paper is brown but can be printed in fascinating colors with the help of the latest technology. With certain procedures, it can be made with different colors but customers usually prefer its brown color as its major identity.

Versatility In Designs And Usage

For many years, kraft boxes have gained special attention for product storage and presentations. They are the demand in many industries such as cosmetics, jewelry, apparel as well as storing food items. Many gift boxes containing candies and chocolates are made up of kraft paper. Freshly baked items are also stored in these boxes as they can retain moisture. Dry fruits are stored in these boxes for longer periods. Experts at CBC are making necessary amendments to kraft box designs to cater to the needs of each industry separately. They are printed with both digital and offset PMS, and CMYK techniques. Required text about the product is printed from which a customer can get desired information. They can be made with straight tuck ends; also given window panes. We can also decorate your boxes ay artistic handwork of your choice.

It Is The Need Of Time To Go For Green Packaging

A healthy environment is the key to healthy life activities. A polluted environment leads to severe health hazards. It is our obligation to save nature for future generations otherwise the earth will not be a safe place to live. Tons of routine scrap comes from unpacking common household items. The usage of kraft packaging boxes does not add long-term pollution as they are recyclable. They do not cause harm because of their biodegradable nature.

We Do what We Commit

CBC understands the packaging necessities of companies so facilitates them at higher ends. Production of bulk orders on committed time for worthy customers is our secret to success. Completing short-run orders in minimum time enables you to continue your promotions. We highly focus our customer satisfaction.

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