Discover Our Collection of Custom Eco-Friendly Boxes

As the name depicts these boxes are used to protect and sustain the environment. A fresh and green environment is essential for the survival of every specie on Earth. According to a study from the last some decades, there is a drastic climate change seen in the world. The temperature has gone up, the air pollution leads to many kinds of health hazards.

Keeping in view our social responsibility at CBC we are trying our best to use such kind of packaging stocks which are easily recyclable. Such examples are eco-friendly white cardboard, corrugated and kraft stocks, etc. We are perhaps among the few online printing companies which are continuously striving to introduce new printing techniques and stocks in our online industry. Such stocks are Metallized Transfer Card Stock widely used in the cosmetic industry where uniqueness and value addition in packaging boxes is the main concern of the industry.

Traditionally to make holographic cardboard companies used to laminate holographic metalized films on the card stock and then print it with UV inks. This laminated card due to the thin plastic film is nonrecyclable thus it is dangerous for the environment.

We took up this challenge and introduce two new kinds of products and techniques for the online printing industry. One product is called Metallized Transfer Board. It is without any plastic film and 100% recyclable and another technique is Cast & Cure. In this method to create metalized holographic card we transfer the holographic effect directly on the card with the help of UV varnish and Nano embossed holographic films, it is also 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. We will discuss it in detail in the coming section.

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