What is Cold Foil Stamping-Emerging technology in Printing &Packaging Industry

Cold Foil Stamping
Cold Foil Stamping
Cold foil stamping, is a new technique to achieve metal effect, Its principal is to coat adhesive onto a certain area of the substrate with standard litho plate to be done with metal effect , then the foil film is pressed onto the substrate, thus the foil will be press on the substrate with adhesive coated in the first inking unit. The cold foil adhesive can be applied as spot and full. The second unit is the actual cold foil unit where the foil is actually applied on the substrate and rebound.
Cold foiling units can be installed on your offset Heidelberg machines as well as offline units. We can provide you both types of units with installation and Cold Foils materials as well. Cold foils can be silver metallic, golden and in Holographic patterns.
Features of offset cold foil stamping :
1) Enhancing the utility of the foil
a. The most important feature is “saving foils aiming at environmental protection”. It is driven by servo motors to deliver the foil. According to the cold foil images’ size, this system can automatically jump forward or backward to enhance the utilization of foil.
b. Allowing multiple strips of foils to be used.
2) Achieving metallic effect of delicate lines, words and half-hue
3) Replacing Hot Stamping plate, high cost of flexography cold foil and complicated courses —-by applying of PS plate
4) Strong flexibility
a. Cold Foil—Printing / Printing – Cold Foil
b. Easily working with your existing facilities
5) Cold foil with printing effects would replace many different hot foils.

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