7 Types Of Boxes That Offer The Ultimate Packaging Solution


Packaging boxes provide a substantial contribution to global economic progress. You may be wondering why all these boxes bring so much to the economy. The solution is to increase customer interest in online buying.

Packaging boxes serve an important part in all types of packaging, including food and cosmetics. With so many various types of boxes on the market, online retailers are sometimes perplexed when deciding on the best packing option for their goods.

There are certain features that all high-quality bespoke boxes share in order to improve your customers’ entire brand experience. To assist you with this difficulty, we have outlined the many types of packing box solutions available.

Which One Is The Right Box For You?

Now, let’s look at the most popular sorts of boxes and how they operate to keep your goods safe and secure while also providing an excellent branding experience.

Rigid Boxes

Rigid or setup boxes are used for packaging pricey and luxury items such as iPhones and fancy watches. These boxes are extremely sturdy and have a high-end look. The box is composed of highly-condensed paperboard that is thicker than normal folding carton paperboard.

Rigid boxes are obviously more costly than paperboard and corrugated boxes. Some of them also come in the shape of a book-style rigid box and look extremely stylish.

They do not need a vast mechanical setup and also have a bigger volume. Jewelry, electronics, cosmetics, and other high-end luxury products are typically packaged in rigid boxes.

Collapsible Rigid Boxes

Collapsible rigid boxes are multitaskers that serve manufacturers and customers well. They can be easily customized for product manufacturers and allow for lots of branding potential. Customers like them because they’re foldable and reusable, which cuts down on waste and shipping costs.

Corrugated Boxes

Although heavy items are often delivered in rigid boxes, a corrugated box will suffice if the item becomes too heavy for even a rigid box. Rigid boxes are formed of corrugated material and retain their structural integrity even when stacked.

As a result, the goods housed within are less likely to sustain further harm. Several corrugated boxes have various properties, strengths, and applications. Corrugated packing boxes are made by cutting and folding corrugated sheets into various sizes and shapes. Corrugated boxes are suitable for shipping boxes, retail packaging, and much more. These characteristics make these boxes excellent for transportation.

Shoulder Boxes

This one-of-a-kind box is not seen very frequently, but that is also what distinguishes it when you actually see it. The lid and base of the box do not meet, and the product is housed in the center. This is referred to as the shoulder.

Using contrasting colors with the product in the center is a terrific approach to make the box stand out even more. These boxes are often used in the packaging of high-end grooming products such as perfumes.

Telescopic Boxes

These boxes are divided into two halves, and the lid may be removed in the same manner as the lid of a telescope covers the lens. Many luxury items are packaged in this manner to create the impression of unpacking and refinement. These sorts of boxes are often used for packaging shoes or doughnuts.

Double Wall Tuck Front Boxes

Even though the name of this box is complicated, its operation couldn’t be simpler. You can make the box without using any glue or tape–it stays together perfectly just by folding the ends and tucking them into the front.

This sort of box is frequently used to deliver baked goods, and the design options are endless. The lid of the box can even be translucent to show off the contents, making it a popular option for tasty meals.

Shipping Boxes

Shipping carton boxes were once just used for packaging pricey things. It is simple to see why shipping carton boxes are among the most frequent and popular types of boxes available today. Most product packaging in shops is in the form of these cardboard boxes.

These carton boxes often include a tuck flap on one or both ends. Whether you are shipping candles, clothes, or other lightweight things, shipping carton boxes are a terrific method to ensure your shipment arrives in the hands of your consumers securely and safely.

Shipping cardboard box packaging is also environmentally friendly. It is totally recyclable, and because it is lightweight, it can help reduce shipping costs.

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