What is Cast & Cure Technology-Latest Innovations in Graphic Art Industry


Its principal is to press hologram image film (hologram film) on the printed paper (paper sheet) with UV and thus leave the image on the UV coating (like signing fingerprint).

 This is the cheapest method of creating Holographic effect yet most economical.It has the following benefits as compare to other expensive methods.There are three means to create holographic effect,

—Three means:

  1. Laminating laser film onto substrate
  2. Printing directly on laser paper sheet
  3. Cast n Cure

 What are the differences between the 3 means?

—Refer to the below contrast table.

Contrast between Three Means to Achieve Hologram Image Effect

(Hologram Effect) on Printed Matters


Means                      Lamination           Printing on laser paper sheet                  Cast N Cure

With Film on                       Yes                                                    Yes                                                  No


Film Usage                  One time only                 One time only                             Re-used min 20 times

Natural Degrade               Hard                                       Hard                                                           Easy

Paper Recycle                   Hard                                        Hard                                                          Easy

Full Plate Effect                    Yes                                        Yes                                                            Yes

Spot Plate Effect                    No                                       NO                                                            Yes

Full Plate Effect                    Yes                                        Yes                                                            Yes

Production Speed                7-45m/min                          High (printing speed)          7000sheets/hour

Apply on Paper                       Yes                                       Yes                                                             Yes

Apply on PET                           N/A                                       N/A                                                          Yes

Film Customized                       Yes                                      N/A                                                           Yes

UNIT COST                           Moderate                                  High                                                          Low

In short Cast & Cure technology has following benefits as compare to other methods,

1-COST SAVING: Unlike other techniques film can be reused many times.

2-ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY:There is no plastic film on the substrate.it is much easier to recycled  and biodegradable.

3-ANTI-COUNTERFEITING:With novel technology it is hard to dulicate the hologram image when applying customer made anticounterfeiting.

4-VALUE ADDED: The transparent hologram image perfectly marches the printing.Its attractive metallic brilliancy totally enchances the beauty of the printing to be shinning and sparkling.

5-Application:It can be applied full plate as well as spot plate.so it enables to create spot holographic effect.

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